We are a City & Guilds training school for future groomers and offer a  50% discount off the normal groom price when dogs are booked in with one of our trainee's to be groom


Please Note - Dogs MUST arrive between

8.45am- 8.55am as our studernts are ready to start at 9am prompt.


  Our trainee's are highly trained and supervised at all times by one of the countries highest qualified groomers


City & Guilds quailifications mean the groomer has been trained to the correct standard, not only in the grooms they produce but in Health & Safety, animal care, correct handling, first aid etc etc, to ensure the correct treatment of the animals in their care.

If you would like to book in with a learner please tell us when making your appointment.


Terms & conditions -

The dogs will be with us for most of the day,  normally 

9am-3.45pm when groomed by a trainee. 


The dogs we book in for our trainee's must be of good temperament and be in reasonably good coat condition.

If a dog is booked in for a trainee to groom but is assessed to be unsuitable he/she will be groomed by a qualified groomer and the full price will be charged


City & Guilds is the only recognised/regulated qualification in dog grooming.  


We would like to thank our customers for allowing our trainee's the experience of grooming their dogs.




See Below some beautiful grooms by our trainee's