De matting policy at Top Trimz


It is the OWNERS duty of care towards their pet to maintain the coat between professional grooms.

We groom humanely at Top Trimz and will attempt to remove some knots and tangles if we feel that the animal will not suffer pain.  However we will abide by the Animal Welfare Act (LAW) and if the animal is badly matted we will NOT inflict pain or suffering.


If owners fail to attend to their pets’ coat and they become matted we will shave the coat off to elevate the discomfort the dog is in and to prevent further suffering. To de-matt would cause the animal tremendous stress and pain.


If an Animal requires shaving because of matting this is done by clipping behind the mats which is very close to the skin leaving the animal with very little coat.


We consider shaving an act of kindness.


To ask a groomer to de mat the animal is cruel and against the law.


We do not like shaving off an animal as owners often think this is done because of poor grooming skills when in fact it is done because of good knowledge about animal welfare.


So the next time an owner says ‘look what the groomer has done to my dog’  ask yourself why ?


Most owners are embarrassed at the poor condition they have let their dog get in.  We understand that most of us have busy lifestyles and that sometimes things get out of hand.  We are not here to pass judgement, we are here to help and are more than happy to advise owners on home grooming between visits to a professional salon.